The Names Cameron, Nice to meet you.

Info about me:

I am 18 Years Old, and a Student at Guildford College
I am British
I have a thing for Cute shit and Tsuns, Noire and Alice (From MGQ) to name a couple.

I played rugby from around 2008 to 2015, at which point college took over and I had to drop it, sucks I know, but I still watch the sport, so its fine, i plan on going back to it hopefully after college.

I have a huge interest in tech, always have, same goes for cars aswell, even the tech side of cars interests me because i guess its because i enjoy learning what makes stuff tick.
I also do a codering sometimes, i aint the greatest so if you decide for whatver reason do browse my Github pls excuse the tons of forks, gotta learn somehow rite?

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