An Intro?

Yeah, That'd be a good idea

The Name's Cameron, Nice to Meet ya!
This is my personal website! you may have noticed lots of Neptunia just ignore that, didn’t say anything >.>
Anyways, I’m 19, an avid Gamer, love Python (its best programming lang tbh) and a Junior Web Develop at Impact Express Wholesale Ltd  
I’m Currently in the process of learning the fundamentals of WordPress and some other web tech i haven’t properly learnt yet, like JS and SASS ( I Know Some PHP Already! )

Oh Yeah, Anime, Like that too.
Explains Noire just Chillin at the top of the page, don’t it?

I Mean Like, if my Gravatar didn’t give it away then idk mang. 
Either Way, Anime is cool and very well made 9 times out of 10

Also, The Theme’s Called Hestia, So Why not have Danmachi’s Best Girl here too!

Wait..... Bots?

Yes, Robots that do Robot Stuff on the interwebs /s

In Reality its 2 Discord Bots, One with a Public Facing Use, AKA, Anyone is free to fork the code and use it for whatever, and the other is a private bot for my personal discord server. the Src for both will be available to browse and do whatever you want with on the ol’ Github

CPU Green Heart

Vert, Probably the biggest nerd in the history of ever.

Vert is a dedicated moderation and music bot for my personal discord server. 

Vert’s original purpose back in 2016 was just a simple music bot, so me and a few friends could listen to music while gaming, while she keeps this, her skillset has evolved from that!

She’s capable of Server Moderation, Tunes, and more! She’s also the benchmark/flagship bot to which Neptune share’s a lot of code with but that’s besides the point here. As with Neptune, The way she responds is true to her character in the games.

Thinks like a gamer, because she is..

CPU Purple Heart

Everyone's Favourite 4th Wall breaker!


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Back on WordPress!

Feels Good to be back actually! Last time i used WP properly was a couple years ago, i ended up CMS Hopping until i stopped on Pyro, but right now, Pyro needs more time than Read more…